Friday, March 02, 2007

Help us build our Anime DVD collection!

I'm currently coming up with an anime DVD wishlist for the new library. I've started a list of some of the classics, as well as a few of my favorites and some that have been requested by you all. I'm looking for boxed sets, because paying $20 for each disk is silly when they'll come out in a set for $35 later. (I know that Cowboy Bebop is on the list individually, but I'm not sure Bandai will ever release a Bebop box set.) Also, I'm looking for stuff that doesn't air on television all the time. I know that knocks out some of our favorites, but lets face it, if you want to watch those you can just turn on Cartoon Network. So with those conditions in mind, take a look at my list here, and give me some more ideas! You can leave them in comments here, or email them to me at

(You get an extra gold star if you can suggest titles appropriate for younger children that don't air on TV all the time... ;) )

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