Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Handy audiobook links:

Like Audiobooks? Looking for something new, and maybe even unpublished? Podiobooks is a site that offers free audiobook downloads of unpublished books in all genres. There's even a few that were written specifically for the YA crowd, so go take a look!

Also very cool is Librivox, which offers free audiobook downloads of books in the public domain. (Hint: Many of the books assigned in your English classes are in the public domain. Read the book, then download the audio!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


If you're looking for something to do this Halloween, never fear! Come down to the library basement on Tuesday, October 31st, where we'll be having a teen Haloween party from 6-8. There's going to be snacks and plenty to do, including movies and games. I'm even pulling my Ouija board and tarot cards out of the closet. :) So come join us, and bring your friends!

(Costumes are encouraged, but if you insist on not dressing up you can still come down and have fun.)