Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dates for this month:
Zoo Board: March 9
Game Night: March 14
Zoo Board: March 23rd
Anime Night: March 28th

Coming soon:
Poetry Night: April 18th
Summer Reading Discussion Group begins: June 12

Game night this month will feature Karaoke Revolution. Show off, have fun!

The Summer Reading Discussion Group will be reading Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. More details as we get closer to the summer!

Also, new Comics this week are Marvel's "House of M". This series of books features a storyline that spans the entire Marvel universe: X-men, Fantastic Four, and the Incredible Hulk!

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't I see that before!!! A new comic!!! Oh yeah, because I just realized (through the wonder of technology that is the phone) that Delita has them!!!! GRRRR...